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Endless Summer® is the very first collection of climbing Hydrangeas in the world, and the the most sold. The brand radically transformed the Hydrangea realm in 2004 by introducing a new variety called 'The Original', having the feature of flowering, not only on the new shoots but also on the older branches, covering the plant with an impressive number of flowers from spring to autumn

Proven Winners, the number 1 brand in the USA, is arriving in France, offering a selection of high performance plants.

Ideal for creating magnificent beds or window boxes, growers can cultivate Proven Winners plants with complete confidence and private gardeners can plant them with complete peace of mind.

Formidable Plants is the new european brand, developped by Hortival Diffusion, regrouping new and interesting varieties together, under a same visual identity, to boost their value.

A memorable name, novel imaging and a global communications strategy : all that is needed to insure that these exceptional plants receive the commercial success they deserve

Pépiniere de l'Oregon, renowned around the world for the production of trees, Schmidt cultivates over 500 varieties of deciduous trees and their cultivars. Since 1946 their research and development have approved over 100 new cultivars to be put on the market.

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Principal leaderin Europe
  • 14 million plants/young plants per year
  • Export to all Europe
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Principal leader in Europe
  • 14 million plants/young plants per year
  • Export to all Europe

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