Fleurs de France brand

With the « Fleurs de France » brand, custumers are assured that the plants they buy are produced in France but also that the horticultural professionnals can promote their production. « Fleurs de France » is also the guarantee that these specialists are engaged in an environmental friendly approach.


Logo MPS

The MPS certification program is applied to agricultural products and concerns use of pesticides, fertilizers, energy, water and the responibility of processing waste and water. MPS-ABC is a certificate for products based on environmental company procedures.

The objectives for the program of certification are :

  • To give a clear idea of the consumption of pesticides, fertilizers, energy and water
  • To limit the consumption of pesticides, fertilizers energy and water
  • To encourage a responsible treatment of waste and water


 « Plante Bleue » is the french social and environmental certification for horticultural companies. The certificat is established by Val’hor, and is known to be the equivalent of grade 2 of the environmental qualification for the agricultural domain, by ordinance of the french Minister of Agriculture, on 16th February 2012.


The certification « High Environmental Value” guarantees that all procedures used in an agricultural company are for the integral preservation of the natural wildlife in the long term. It is based on several performance indicators relating to biodiversity, phytosanitary strategies and the management of fertilization and irrigation. This qualification is for farming and other agricultural domains.