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SUNFLOR® proposes Garden Roses created by two of the leading breeders in their home countries, Week’s Roses in the United States and Interplant in the Netherlands.
SUNFLOR® is a collection of more than 95 varieties of roses, from bushes to climbing, miniature or ground covering roses, offering an exclusive range which will cover all uses, whether it be in private gardens or for community development.
150 varieties are tested each year, 2-5 of which are proposed to the best Rose producers in Europe, licensed by our company, PRIMAVERA.

SUNFLOR® Roses are selected through rigorous criteria :

- Novel forms and colours ( Ruffle Roses® , Babylon Eyes® )
- Fragrance ( Borneo Odore®,Parfum de Liberté)
- Resistancy to illnesses (Ruby Pop®, Home Run®)
- Multriplication of cutting and eadt maintenance (Gamme  Pop Roses®)
- Adaptability of varieties for growth in pots (Gamme Holiday Island®)